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How does it Work?
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Get Acquainted

  1. If you have a Dr. Jyo Smart Clinic in your Apartment Complex
    - Walk-in anytime to see a General Physician.
    - For a Specialist or @home treatment, call your Dr. Jyo Smart Clinic to setup an appointment
    For more information about the Dr. Jyo Smart Clinic in your apartment premises click here

  2. If you don't have a Dr. Jyo Smart Clinic near you and want an @home consultation book an appointment here.

Get treated

Our medic will and perform an in-person physical exam (check-up) using our smart diagnostic devices, while the Senior Specialist Doctor is receiving the check-up data live.

Our Specialist Senior Doctor will provide diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription over a video call while our medic completes your check-up and treatment in-person.

To view our list of specialists click here.

Get Lab Tests @home

Get your lab tests done either on-site at the clinic or @home with FREE home collection.

You can book a lab test or home collection by calling the Dr. Jyo Clinic in your apartment complex.

What our patients say

"The medic took very good care of my grandfather when he had a blood pressure drop and fainted. Dr. Jyoti's treatment ensured that this hasn't happened since."

- Ms. Nandini (20)

"I was hesitant to visit a hospital for my lady problems. Dr. Jyoti and medic Jessy treated me from the comfort of my own home. I'm grateful for that."

- Ms. [Name withheld] (26)

"I was skeptical of their @home treatment. I had a terrible viral fever and wasn't able to get out of bed. Medic Ganesh visited me and worked with Dr. Jyoti to get me up and running. Thank you!"

- Mr. Swapnil (36)

"Woke up with an eye infection and my eye lid shut, was not able to go to a doctor. Dr. Shweta and Sahana administered excellent treatment. I was better within the next 48 hrs."

- Mrs. Anisa (27)